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Huangshan Hot Spring profile

2019/2/16 20:55:45
Huangshan Hot Spring hotel is a joint Tourism Management Co., Ltd. Mount Huangshan hot spring scenic area 600000000 yuan investment, according to the international five Stars Hotel facilities construction standards, to hot springs, conference Holiday Themed leisure resort hotel.
The hotel is located in the Mount Huangshan scenic area is 600 meters above sea level of the hot springs in the area, around the beautiful scenery of the Peach Blossom River, from Mount Huangshan, Mount Huangshan hot spring resort hotels, restaurants and hotels in Taoyuan Xuanyuan four independent of the five Stars Hotel, a total of 360 sets of warm and elegant rooms (now on the business of 110 rooms); service style in hot springs spa Coffee house, Food, ticketing center flavor and add more fun and convenience for your travel; Hot Spring International Conference Center 10, various types of facilities equipped meeting rooms to meet your different needs of the meeting; newly engineered natural Mount Huangshan mountain hot spring year-round temperature of 42.5 degrees, with the size of Xuanyuan spring all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, spring, spring, spring stone, sand bath, SPA spa, Jiuquan fish district and other indoor and outdoor luxury pool 38, with health care, slimming beautifying. At spa, make you sweep past fatigue, the essence of leisure taste.

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Shenzhen Kylin Villa traffic info

Business zone:University City / Xili Zoo
Address:Guangdong · Shenzhen · nanshanqu - No.4599 Qinyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China